Velicoraptor skeleton

Velicoraptor Skeleton

Velicoraptor Facts
Some attributes
First Length: 6.8 feet
Second Weight: 40 pounds
Third Type of Dino: Theropod
Other attributes
Fourth Diet: Carnivore
Fifth Time span: 75-71 mya (Late Cretaceous)
Sixth Location: Southern Asia, Mongolia

Being 6 feet long and weighing less than 50 pounds, Velicoraptor was one of the most deadly predators from the family of raptors. Since the dominated the Mid Cretaceous period, they were the best hunters on the planet. 

Flesh on the Bones

According to the pop cultural world, the skin has different designs and colors. Most of their skin was worked off of modern day animals. Such as the The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the raptors skin was worked off of tigers, with the orange skin with brown stripes and in Jurassic World, all 4 raptors have different colorations and markings from modern animals to tell them apart. Blue (D.N.A. is mixed with the Black Throated African Monitor Lizard) has grey skin and a dark blue stripe on each side of her body. Delta (D.N.A. is combination of some predatory birds) has a teal skin color, but no other indentions like stripes, spots or feathers, Echo (D.N.A. is unknown) has a brown color with blue striping and Charlie ( mixed with the Green Iguana) has a green color with black stripes.

In Jurassic Park III, the skin was used to tell the difference between male and female. The males were black with light blue stripes on either side, with feathers on the back on the neck. Meanwhile, the females are white with black spots. 

The Right Environment

Being on the Earth for 4 million years, living in the Middle East of Asia must have been hard. Actually, the Mongolian area was very different then it was today. Most of the area was large deserts with the sand blowing around, however there were average sized areas of tropical rainforests and savannah/grassland environments. With more than one habitat in the area, these raptors have the advantage of successfully hunting their prey. 

In the pop cultural science, the raptors were kept in containment units or found new hunting grounds in the wild. In Jurassic Park, 3 raptors were held in a high reforced cage with maximum security. In the Lost World: Jurassic Park, most of the male raptors have found hunting to be easier in the larger grass fields and the abanonded Ingen village. The tropical rainforests and the trashed genetics lab were their territory for the male and female raptors in Jurassic Park III. The 4 trained raptors were held in the Raptor Paddock, which is a $25 million tititanum containment.